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    Sportsmanship Guideline


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    Sportsmanship Guideline

    Post  Minicola on Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:48 pm

    4th Quarter Timeouts
    We should all know when timeouts are necessary during a game, but there are times when the game is out of reach that we should not be using them and just get the game over with! Let's all be adults and just get the game out of the way whether you are winning or losing big in 4th quarter.

    If winning with less than 2 minutes remaining, you should not be calling timeouts

    If losing by more than 21 pts, you are advised not, but not restricted, to call any timeouts when there are less than 2 minutes remaining

    If losing by more than 21 pts, you are not allowed to call any timeouts when less than 1 minute remains

    If losing by more than 31 pts, you are not allowed to call any timeouts when less than 2 minutes remain

    Obviously whether you are winning or losing a timeout will be needed to avoid a penalty so that's not what I'm trying to regulate here. This is mostly for those that have enjoyed getting away with unnecessary timeouts to score more points or pad your stats.

    4th Quarter Play Calling
    Again, we all know what is necessary when game is out of reach whether it's late in 4th quarter or early in 4th quarter.

    If winning by more than 24 pts in 4th quarter, your main objective should be to keep the clock running. I'm not saying pass plays should be thrown out of your play selection, however, pass plays should be limited to short routes!!

    [-]Streaks and/or Vertical routes should NOT be part of your play call if you are still passing with said lead

    If winning by said amount with less than 2 minutes remaining, you are NOT allowed to call any pass plays what so ever!!

    If losing by more than 24 pts AND less than 1 minute remains, you are NOT allowed to pass the ball unless you have your back ups in play, otherwise just get the game over with!

    If losing by said amount at any other point in 4th quarter just play your normal game

    This also should apply to your defensive play calling. If you are losing big, do not go stacking the box constantly with 9 players just because you know your opponent will be running the ball. Again, the point is to get the game over with and not for you to get the ball back to pad stats or score more points in a game that you have no chance of winning.

    Unnecessary Scoring
    This has always been a difficult subject to monitor and/or discuss. So, hopefully I can make things easier on everyone!

    Anyone that scores a TD when leading by more than 14 pts and less than 2 minutes remain will be subject to player suspension or removal from League based on following factors:

    Length of TD play

    Type of TD (Pass or Run)

    Time remaining

    Score difference

    Basically, anyone that is scoring long TD's, whether they broke a big run or made a defender miss, will be subject to punishment. Too many times I've seen 40, 50, 60+ yd TD plays when for that amount of yards people could've run out the rest of clock!

    **This also goes for games vs cpu**

    Smack talk
    Alright, let's all be civil here and cut out all the personal insults from any post we make and/or in the chat box! You want to talk smack? Well we all know where to do it on forum, the only thing that I ask is that we stop the personal name calling, name bashing, etc! You will have player(s) suspended if you can't stop yourself from doing so!

    The following Guidelines are subject to change at any point that I see necessary

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