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    Gameplay Guidelines


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    Gameplay Guidelines

    Post  Minicola on Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:46 pm

    Breaking ANY of these guidelines/rules will result in Player Suspension of my choosing for an amount of games of my choosing!!

    Play Calling
    Whether you are on Offense or Defense, we are trying to call ourselves a Sim league.
    1. Diversity is key! Use as many formations/plays as possible, do not use the same play repeatedly whether you are on offense or defense just because it works! If you can't expand your game then this league is not for you! Players found to constantly use same plays over and over will be subject to Player Suspension or removal from MXL!
    2. Offense vs Defense
    We should not see an Offense come out in 4-5 WR Formation and Defense come out in 34, 43!

    You should match personnel on almost every play! Whether it means playing nickel vs 3 WR's, Dime vs 4 WR's!

    This also goes for matching personnel defensively vs I-Form or 2 TE sets. Defense shouldn't come out in Quarter, 1-5-5, etc etc vs that type of Offense

    This is not a requirement to use every formation and/or play in your books, all I'm stating is that anyone that comes out in same formation and uses the same play constantly during 1 drive or throughout game will not last long in M12! As for the personnel matching, I understand that people can get burned when they leave a LB on a WR; however, not everyone is as quick to find those mismatches and in this game, somehow a LB can cover a WR like a CB!!

    4th down attempt
    1. Allowed if losing by 28+ pts at any point during game

    Must be at least at your 30 yd line

    Must be 4th and less than 10

    2. Allowed if situation is 4th and 1 or inches

    Must be within the opponents 33-40 yard line

    FG or Punt attempt is REQUIRED at any other position of field

    3. Allowed at any point during 4th quarter if losing

    Must be at least at your 30 yd line

    Must be 4th and less than 10

    Exception is if there is less than 4 minutes remaining

    4. Allowed if game is tied or up by less than 6 in 4th quarter with less than 3 minutes to play

    Must be between the 40yd lines (either side of 50)

    Must be 4th and 1 or inches

    Onside Kicks
    1. Allowed at any point during 4th quarter if losing by 14+ pts

    Allowed if there is less than 3 minutes remaining no matter what the deficit is

    2. NOT allowed at any other point before 4th quarter unless it's a Surprise Onside (see details below)

    Surprise Onside Kicks
    1. Allowed 2 per Season (Including Playoffs)

    NOT allowed more than 1 in single game

    2. Attempts are only allowed to begin game or to begin 3rd quarter

    Fake Punts/Field Goals
    1. Allowed 3 per Season (Including Playoffs)

    NOT allowed more than 1 in single game

    No Huddle Offense
    1. Allowed during 2nd and 4th quarter when under 2 minutes remain in quarter

    2. During 4th quarter, allowed if losing by more than 9+ pts at any point

    If losing by less than 8 pts, only allowed when no more than 3 minutes remain

    2 pt Conversion attempts
    1. Allowed only if trying to

    Tie game

    Reduce deficit to 3, 7, 8, or 16 pts during 2nd half only

    Increase lead to 3 or 7 pts

    Win game when less than 20 sec remain

    Goaline Offense and Defense
    1. Allowed only when inside 10 yd lines

    2. Allowed on 3rd or 4th down attempts of less than 1 yd

    1. Allowed to call Offensive or Defensive audibles only 1 time per play otherwise take a penalty or call timeout

    This does not include the Quick Play audibles that come programmed to switch from Pass to Run, PA Pass, etc. I'm talking about an Audible where you change formation's and players move to different places on field

    Flipping Play on Offense
    1. Allowed to flip play 1 time per play

    However, this should not be something that happens constantly on every play or every other down so do not abuse it as it could be a form of glitching A.I.

    Flipping Play on Defense
    1. Allowed to flip play as long as it's to make your CB's align to the WR's because we all know that unless you use Defensive Assignments the CB will not automatically go to the WRs

    Player Movement (Offense)
    1. Allowed to motion a player either to left or right

    Not allowed to move them back to original side of field

    2. Motion player must clear the outermost position player at L.O.S. whether it's a TE or OL

    If it's an Auto-Motion play and the player in motion is between TE or OL when you snap ball, then you are required to tell me the Formation and/or Play so I can prove it

    Player Movement (Defense)
    1. NOT allowed to manually move players Pre-Snap unless it's the player you will be using after snap

    2. Allowed to use the Default Shift buttons for the DL, LB's, and DB's

    User Play (Offense)
    1. If found to be glitching the A.I. by scrambling the QB out of pocket or zig zagging WR's out of intended route then you will be punished by player suspension and/or removal from MXL

    User Play (Defense)
    1. If you are found to be glitching the A.I., whether it's by manually moving players out of position or creating nano blitzes, you will be punished by player suspension and/or removal from MXL

    DL belong at or near L.O.S. whether you are user or not! Whether they are in zone or spy, a DL should never be more than 10 yds behind L.O.S and especially not covering a WR down the field!!

    Player Depth Chart
    Quarterback : QB unless it's Wild Cat play
    Halfback : HB or FB unless it's Wild Cat Play
    Fullback : FB, TE (dual HB is allowed if in Shotgun formation)
    Wide Receiver : WR, TE, HB (#5 on Depth Chart only)
    Tight End : TE, FB, LT, RT (the last 3 only for #3 slot on Depth Chart)
    Tackle : LT, RT
    Center : C, LG, RG
    Guard : LG, RG
    Defensive End : LE, RE, DT, OLB
    Defensive Tackle : DT, LE, RE
    Outside Linebacker : Any LB
    Middle Linebacker : Any LB
    Cornerback : CB, FS, SS
    Free Safety : FS, SS
    Strong Safety : SS, FS
    Kicker : K
    Punter : P

    FG Blocking
    1. You are allowed to make these attempts. However, there is 1 way that is banned. Moving the player to the outside and inching him to the LOS to cause him to warp/turbo towards the holder at the snap of ball is now BANNED! Anyone doing this will be punished by player suspension of my choice!!

    Pausing Game
    1. Do NOT select Start Game right after someone pauses game; give your opponent time to set Defensive Assignments or look at your Depth Chart etc etc

    If you need additional time, you are REQUIRED to send your opponent a text or PSN message and ASK for some time to do whatever you need to do

    Additional time does not mean 10, 15, 30 minutes! If you need to change a diaper, go restroom, grab a drink, etc etc then fine but this doesn't mean ask for time to visit with friends, talk on phone, or leave the house. You are playing the Game because you said you'd be available!!

    Failure to return within the time asked will result in your opponent starting game without you being ready or you being removed for opponent to play cpu

    These rules/guidelines are subject to change at any time as I see fit

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